Episode 14

Story Review

The party steps into the Feywild and its weirdness. As Feywild dangers fully present themselves, and new face emerges and becomes a powerful party ally.

The Feywild

Day 087

  • The party steps from the Material Plane into the Feywild. They look back at Krisyra, standing in the opening. She looks at the party, appraises them, and closes the portal.
  • Their reality is different. It looks like the same sun in the same sky. The mountain descends in a similar way, but there are different features and landscapes. Pieces of the map have been removed and added. The air is denser. Everything is greener, lighter, and darker. There is greater contrast.
  • The party looks down the mountain and upon the plains. Ferran is still there, like an imprint. The smoke from the towers is dark grey, ugly, and corrosive. It seems offensive on the landscape.
  • The party heads downwards and onwards.

Day 088

  • The party rests as night falls. As they do, they notice a bright spot, growing and contracting, rastering across the landscape. It's a beam. They trace its origin and find it at the top of the great Tower of Edhen. It emerges from a hot, white pinprick of energy. The party looks away, but the after-image remains temporarily burned in their vision.
  • The Tower feels very wrong. It feels magically discordant with the magical land, an ugly spark in the calm of gentle nightfall. Why can they even see it outside of the Material plane?

Day 090

  • Two days of travel pass uneventfully. The wildlife is wary of the party, and the party is wary of the wildlife. Orryn and Arcos are good guides.
  • Eventually the party comes to a steep descent with a smooth water flue, ending in a swamp area below. The party can make out a couple of thatched buildings. A woman and a man are working dry area around the buildings, planting. It's seems a bit odd for a humans to thriving in such a remote place, but the party has seen odder things over the last few months.
  • Rather than gingerly climb down the rocks and risk injury, the party takes the flue. They sit down, link arms, and kick off. They gather speed and plummet 100 yards before ending up safely in a heap at the level back of the swamp. The man tending the garden waves at the party. The party heads over to great him.

A Mercenary's Help

Day 090

  • Edwyn (new PC) has found a comfortable place to rest between jobs, an area that allows him to remain safe, but stay away from the Hags below. He would rather keep them in sight than find a place further away.
  • He's not a fool. He knows the Feywild. He knows that it's not the material plane, and any facsimile of the Material plane on the Feywild side should not be trusted.
  • He has several secure spots to rest and recuperate at, spread throughout the nearby lands. The Feywild is his turf. It's were he escapes to from danger. He know the trails and the animals, even though he doesn't have much skill in nature or hunting.
  • His rest is broken by a flash of metal to his left, and then a splash. He watches five (Arcos, Orryn, Hardy, Balcazar, List) people tumble into the spongy, swamp earth. This is bizarre. Where the hell did they come from? And a Tiefling and Dragonborn? It's been four years since he's run into any of their tribes. Edwyn stands up.

Day 090

  • The party approach the farmer. He smiles. He says that they don't get many visitors, but whenever someone wanders through, they get really exited. Unfortunately they don't get much contact with the outside world. He calls over this partner and they complete their introduction together.
  • He says they were about to have lunch, but the area's fertile and full of wildlife. They could easily feed the party if they want to stay for a few minutes. He gestures at the smaller of the thatched buildings. He says they usually eat in there. The party agrees. The gesture seems heartfelt.
  • There's a long table inside. They say they'll bring the food, but if you want, you can have a drink before hand. There are several fermented jugs on the table. Orryn helps himself and drinks. Eventually, sitting is not longer comfortable for him. He decides to lay on the table.
  • The peasants return in forty minutes with food: fish, greens, some other type of meat. It smells good. The party digs in. The pair says they'll be back in a little while, and they close the door to prevent the swarms of bugs from attacking the party.
  • It's a lot of food. The party continues to eat, grateful to have good food. Orryn, laying on his back, looking at the roof, makes an offhand observation that the building is made of metal. That concerns the rest of the party. Hardy puts his hand through the thatch wall and hits metal. He heads to the door. It's locked. Pries back a chuck of wood. Metal again.
  • From outside the building, Hardy hears the unmistakable crackle of burning wood and grass.

Day 090

  • Edwyn watches the party enter the hut, watches the Hags close the door and lock it, watches them grab torches and begin lighting around the entire perimeter. He's unsure of what to do. He doesn't want to watch a troop of visitors from God knows where to be cooked alive, but he's remained alive for this long by being cautious. He moves closer.
  • The door of the hut sudden shrinks and is blown outwards by a giant blow. Hardy and Balcazar step through the opening, soon followed by List and Arcos. They see the farmers, torches in hand lighting the base of the building. They raise their weapons to attack.
  • The Hags move first. They cast, and with their offense, their illusions drop. The party knows what they're dealing with. One of the Hag's eyes turn jet black with the power of Eyebite.
  • Edwyn moves closer. As the battle progresses, it looks like the party safely has the upper hand. He can join the battle without fear. With a good run, he hits the edge of swamp and skates across on his shield. Out comes his sword. He cannot be hit.
  • Two hags are killed. The third, having no affinity for her coven sisters, flees.


  • The party and Edwyn greet and share a bit of background, and try to resolve the general confusion of why they all are there.
  • Edwyn is a mercenary. The party's direction and immediate goals appear to be financially favorable. They are powerful, talented. They must have a long background in melee and magic. He clicks with them. They're also wanderers, mercenaries in their own way, trying to make a living. He decides that he will join them for a while and see what new can be seen.

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