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Private repository of game information related to my campaign Deorcost. The story is written by all who participate.

Scroll down for Episode notes. I'm slowly putting them into narrative form, but the process is incomplete1. For other Deorcost game resources, see pages for Player-characters, Non-player Characters, Treasure, Monsters, and Campaign Maps.

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  1. Episodes 1 through 13, and Episodes 21 through 37 are in narrative form. I am slowly converting the others. 

The Spirit of Duerra is airborne. The Old World, the Revenants and the Dwarves and the polluted drama of their existence have been left behind. Ahead of them is the Cauldron. A new trinity has formed: the party, the spirit of the ship, and the help they find along the way.

The Fortress is moving. The Revenants plan, whatever it is, is in motion. The party only needs to make it to the Surface Ship to escape. It's eight-hundred yards to freedom.

The party must be in two places at the same time. They have no choice but to split the party and hope for the best. Andrazel, Selene, and Marnos head to the Fortress top deck to meet Geda for another round of interrogation; Edwyn, Tormgar, and Orryn remain in the infirmary to await Itheral and her promise to show them the location of the Surface Ship. The party is closer to departing the cursed Fortress, if destiny allows their broken unit to reform.

The Minnow is dead. The party is Fortress bound. The Revenants are focused on revenge and are falling into a dark event horizon. They cannot be reasoned with. The party appears to have a single choice: escape. They need to find and board a Surface ship.

Gathela marks Tormgar for extradition and sends him their horrors from deep within the city. The party must deal with Gathela's assault, and then head back to the Fortress. It may be their last footfall on land.

The party are now outcasts of Gathela. Their remaining option: use the Minnow to board a Fortress. But which one? They decide and their choice leads to the discovery of the outer wisp of an impending storm of chaos. The party is left with an impossible choice.

The party hopes they can take to air and escape from the city that has turned on them and placed them under state surveillance.

Hardy finds a greater calling and leaves the party. The party is downhearted but can only continue on, which they fruitlessly do. Fortunately, an encounter several days later with an anti-magic cleric and a scout interjects hope. Shared values and goals lead to the formation of a new party. This new party soon has their first trial.

The party plans their next moves in the mansion of the man they killed. Orryn, Andrazel, and Hardy are safe in foreign bodies but are worried about lack of progress. They continue participating in cult gatherings, and the latest brings them over a line they may not be able to cross back.

The party deals with Ukhlar's dead (truly?) body and leaves the scene of the crime to create a scene on the surface.

The party finally meets with Ukhlar in his mansion and the gaudy deluge of wealth crammed inside. He promises a way to the Fortress and wants to show the party now. The party never trusted Ukhlar, and now, under the city, he again show them why.

Beldroth's frequent absences are finally explained: he had been attending to the needs of a cult. He invites the party to come to a meeting, and they do out of curiosity. But for someone to come, someone must leave, dead or alive.

The party makes it into the city of Gathela. Their first night is an adventurous one, as they learn of the dangers that spill from the Cauldron and into the city.

The party is on the edge of the plains, at the border between the flowing grass and the clouded masses of scarps and pinnacles. The party has a rendezvous with Krisyra down in the Cauldron and they intended to keep their meeting. They meet and the conversation begins.

Something followed the party back from the Cauldron and through the teleportation circle. The party must track it down. And then there's the still open teleportation circle. Could it take them somewhere new?

The party fully explores the cavern under Neifur. Satisfied, they return to the surface to celebration and reward. But their journey must continue and they step back into the forests of the Feywild.

The party is alone in the Feywild. Connections to the material plane have been cut. Andrazel, born and raised in the Feywild, child of the forests, believes he can find a way.




Story Review

  • Dealing with the aftermath
    • Scouring grounds for treasure
    • Unconscious scattered bodies, some lying in protective fields (other planes)
    • Plane shards, including shadow plane: darkness + Nagas
  • Orryn is off doing whatever
  • Stalked by Nagas, m...