Episode 23

Something followed the party back from the Cauldron and through the teleportation circle. The party must track it down. And then there's the still open teleportation circle. Could it take them somewhere new?

Scene 1: A commotion in the camp

The party hears commotion back in their camp. They know two or more invisible forms exited the circle into the wild. They're afraid they've made it down to the camp before Orryn and the remainder of the party and have attacked the Neifur scouts.

Despite the continued noise, they approach the camp with care and stealth. When they get close enough to get a full view of the camp sight, they see that both Neifur scouts are dead. They approach the camp clearing and check the bodies. They were killed by blunt trauma.

Scene 2: Battle with the Invisible Stalkers

The party scans the area. Andrazel casts See Invisibility. He spots three invisible Stalkers motionless and suspended among the trees encircling the camp.

Hardy takes to the air and drifts in their direction. The stalkers are still invisible to him. One rushes Hardy and grazes him, possibly in an attempt to intimidate him. Hardy cartwheels several times before he is able to fix his orientation.

To locate the stalkers for others in the group, Andrazel casts Dancing Lights. He places bright orbs to pinpoint their space. Finally, the party has the information to enter melee. Edwyn deals massive damage. Beldroth sends one of the stalkers back to their plane of origin. They all fall.

Scene 3: Back through the teleportation circle

What to do next? The teleportation circle appears to be in good shape, but its power is fading fast. The party might still be able to use it.

There are several possibilities. Head back to the strange world they came from? Head to the cross-over point in the Feywild, their original destination? Their trip could be much harder without the aid of the Neifur. Or should they head to the edge of the Cauldron, still in the Feywild, but closer to where the party needs to be.

The party chooses the edge of the Cauldron. They join hands and focus.

Scene 4: Plains, on the edge of the Cauldron

The teleportation works. They are clearly still in the Feywild, but they see the dark, recessed clouds of the Cauldron in the distance. They are surrounded by lakes of grass.

As they walk towards the Cauldron and the planar location of their rendezvous with Krisyra, Orryn reaches into his pocket to retrieve his wand. He feels a smooth object. He pulls it out. It's the finger bone of the Planetar. He pulls it out and puts it in his belt and continues on.

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