Episode 27

The party finally meets with Ukhlar in his mansion and the gaudy deluge of wealth crammed inside. He promises a way to the Fortress and wants to show the party now. The party never trusted Ukhlar, and now, under the city, he again show them why.

Scene 1: The streets of Gathela, high-end wares district

The party has time before their meeting with Uklhar to shop for items. They spend a long day walking over to high-end shopping district and work their way through the shops.

Orryn steals a quiver. He is unseen by the shop keeper. He wanders out into the streets, and begins to admire handiwork.

Outside the store, paying attention, is the Wizard Selene. She catches the expert slight of hand.

As Orryn flaunts his quiver to the party, the party circles around to prevent him from dragging them into trouble.

Selene, seeking interesting contacts in a city she doesn't know, goes to introduce herself. She notes what she saw, and the party offers their apologies.

The short conversations turns into a longer one, and everyone agrees to take the conversation somewhere more private than an open street. They find an Inn. There's a lot in common, and Selene know a lot about the city. Selene, seeing common interest, decides to join the party for a few weeks.

Scene 2: Uklhar's house

The whole party, including Selene, gather at the gated entrance to the Royal Community, the walled portion of the city home to largesse, inherited money, and merchant lords. A butler, in black and gold revelry is waiting for them with an open, self-propelled cart (the party wonders how). The party gets in and they head to Uklahr's house for dinner.

The arrive to the front door, are left off, and walk to the palatial entrance.

Uklhar's waiting for them. He opens the door and ushers them inside.

Uklhar's shows them around the lower level of the mansion. Topics orient around his greatness. His affability is a poor veneer over narcissism. The party sees this. They don't like him or trust him, but are only here for their own self-interest, not to make friends.

Orryn briefly escapes his view and his fingers pick up a bottle of fine liquor. It makes it into his bag. The theft is unnoticed.

They begin dinner service. The food is excellent. Uklhar drinks heavily. Several hours into the night, still at the table, the party shifts conversation towards the Fortress under construction. They want to know how to get it.

Uklhar gets up. He says he'll show them.

Scene 3: The underground

Uklhar leads them outside the back of the house, through a courtyard, and to a cylindrical building, only a few times wider then its locked front door.

Uklhar says it's the way to the fortress. He produces a long key and opens the door. Inside is a small room dominated by a descending spiral staircase. They head down.

The staircase opens into a street-wide tunnel, fully paved. To their left the tunnel extends behind them into darkness beyond their line of sight. To their right the tunnel necks about 1000 yards ahead. On either side of the neck are two large constructs. They can't make out what type.

Uklar tells the party the way forward is through constructs. He says they are inert. The party follows.

About 200 years from the constructs, Uklhar grins. The constructs start moving. He sprints towards then.

The party is far quicker on their feet. They catch him, grapple him Edwyn is angry. He knows Uklar's intentions. While Uklar is trying to diffuse the situation he strikes out at Ukhlar with his weapon. The blow is critical. Uklhar slams against the side of the tunnel and drops listless. The echo of the strike rumbles out in front of the party.

They look the mobile constructs and await, unsure of what to do.

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