Deorcost Player Characters

Full list of player characters (PCs) that have participated in the Deorcost campaign, divided into current player-characters and old player-characters.

Each player-character has unique backstory and special ability.

This is still a work in progress.

Table of Current Player Characters

Character links lead to their backstories.

Name Episode Race and Class
Marnos Episode 30 Tabaxi Rougue (Scout)
Tormgar (the Mageslayer) Episode 30 High Elf Cleric
Selene Episode 23 Human Sorcerrer
Edwyn Episode 13 Human Fighter
Andrazel Episode 15 High Elf Bladeslinger (Wizard)
Orryn Episode 1 Gnome Ranger

Table of Old Player Characters

Name First Episode Last Episode Race and Class
Handy Episode 1 Episode 30 Tiefling Bard and Warlock
Beldroth Episode 16 Episode 26 Half-elf Warlock
Balcazar Episode 1 Episode 16 Dragonborn (gold) Barbarian
List Episode 5 Episode 16 Human Warlock
Arcos Episode 6 Episode 16 Half-elf Ranger
Plakk Episode 7 Episode 9 Half-orc Barbarian Warlock
Archar Episode 7 Episode 9 Tiefling Rogue
Wacha Episode 1 Episode 3 Dragonborn (bronze) Paladin



Marches-On-No-Snow "Marnos" of the Gravefoot clan is a brown-furred Tabaxi with white gloves, boots, and snout and a mane of darker brown hair crowning his head. He was born in the Pyreul, the delta jungle where the Great River pours over the Endless Cliff and deep into the depths of the Cauldron. His clan was isolated and survived off the land and infrequent trade with Elves, Eladrin, and other friendly Tabaxi clans.

Each Tabaxi clan is lead by an congregation of no more than seven elder Tabaxi known as the Claws. Each Claw represents an aspect of daily life. Every vocation is accounted for: hunting, crafting, bartering, medicine, clan defense, cooking, and lore.

To ensure the cycle of leadership continues unbroken, each Claw appoints an apprentice who will assume the Claw position upon their death. Marnos was chosen as an apprentice to the renowned hunter and Claw, Ghostmouse the Silent. This was an esteemed position within the clan. Marnos tended to Ghostmouse's needs. He cleaned and cooked and served meals and tried as best he could to learn Ghostmouse's responsibilities. He performed his new tasks dutifully. He learned much about being a swift and silent hunter.

Marnos was a dedicated servant. Ghostmouse, in appreciation, had special weapons commissioned for Marnos, a pair of enchanted chakrams that would return to the thrower's hand once they had either struck the target or landed.

Unfortunately, as Marnos' favor within the clan rose, the favor of childhood friend and hunting partner Broken Branch, fell. Broken Branch had expected to become the apprentice to Ghostmouse the Silent, but he did not. Broken branch was chagrined and became deeply jealous and his attitude soured. Broken Branch knew he deserved it. He had done everything right. He had the wisdom of two additional years of age.

Broken Branch hid his rage well. He would make the situation right. He began to plan. He fantasized of Marnos' death.

His revelation came after a post-hunt meal. The path was clear to his assent. He needed poison. That he could create. And he needed an opportunity. For that he would have to wait.

One night, after a particularly successful hunt of aurochs, the clan was celebrating with a fire-cooked carcasses and endless wild-berry wine. The entire clan was in high spirits. Aurochs were rare within their territory, and the one on the spit had been particularly large and troublesome to take down. It took the combined efforts of Ghostmouse, Marnos, Broken Branch and a paw-full of other hunters to track and kill the beast.

Marnos assisted Ghostmouse in preparing his portion of the meal and drink. However, caught up in the jovial atmosphere, he left Ghostmouse's side. As Marnos turned away, Broken branch passed through Ghostmouse's space, and in passing poured moonflower extract into Ghostmouse's goblet of wine. For the Tabaxi, a single drop of moonflower extract causes intense drowsiness and likely sleep. Several drops cause vomiting as their bodies try to immediately reject the poison. Any more can cause death. Ghostmouse received the contents of an entire vial. Broken Branch then slipped back into the anonymity of the party.

Ghostmouse sat down, Marnos brought Ghostmouse his meal, and then left to prepare his own portion. Ghostmouse ate quickly, barely stopping to breathe in between large mouthfuls of meat and wine. Before Marnos returned with his own portion of the meal, Ghostmouse began to choke. The poison paralyzed his body and clamped his throat tight.

Marnos was transfixed. He was unable to force his body to move. He watched as the Ghostmouse died before him. With the last of his energy, Ghostmouse reached his hand towards his apprentice.

The clansmen interpreted the gesture as an indictment. They tackled Marnos to the ground. They overpowered him and threw him into the cage. He pleaded but he was ignored. He would have to await judgement of the Claws for the murder of his mentor. Marnos slumped against the cage wall and replayed the night.

In the early morning, long after the chaos had dissipated into uneasy rest for claim, Broken Branch approached the cage. He asked Manos why he had poisoned his master. Marnos tried to say that he hadn't, but before he could finish his statement, Broken Branch interrupted and said that whatever Manos was going to say didn't matter. The clan would judge Marnos a murderer and execute him in the morning.

Broken Branch said that they were friends, and although his crime was grave, he would unlock the cage and let Marnos escape if he promised to flee and leave the clan forever. Broken Branch unlocked the cage and stood aside. Marnos stepped out, started jogging, and then ran as hard as he could into the night.

Marnos never returned to his clan.

Marnos believes that if only Ghostmouse could be brought to life and healed he could prove his innocence and Manos would be welcomed back into his clan. Manos has spent every moon from that night moving further away from his home, searching and looking for a solution.

Fourteen whole moons into Marnos's journey, he met up with a group of adventurers that had great skill and promise, and traveled with them for several years.

Through them, he found a scroll deep within the frozen Winter Duskland, underground, in a glasswork of crystalline caves. The scroll had the power to bring anyone to life.

But artifacts of power are always guarded. There's always a price, a finders fee of unknown cost. The party's presence was detected by a White Dragon and it's punishment was swift. The party fought as best they could as they tried to flee, but in the battle one of Marnos's friends died. Marnos had a choice: save his friend or save the scroll to salvage his reputation. He chose his friend.

Marnos couldn't remain with the party. The loss of the future he had dreamed about for years was too great a burden. He left his past behind for a second time, vanished from the group, and wandered alone.

Recently Marnos learned of a great Dwarven city, Gathela, that might have what he's looking for. He was told that it sits on the edge of the Cauldron and has fantastical merchants and exotic wares dealers. If he can find right people, and has the right trade, he can get anything.

And so Marnos arrived at the front gates of Gathela and walked in.

Special item: +1 Chakrams of returning. 1d6 slashing, range 20/60 ft. Once thrown, these metal discs will return to the hands of the thrower at the start of their next turn.


Tormgar's father was one of the very few nobles who achieved their status through merit. He was a scholar, engineer, and wizard, one of the premier magical engineers in Gathela. His team was responsible for revolutionary changes in the Fortress guidance systems.

Fourteen years ago, he was murdered.

Everyone in Gathela who works on the Fortress is expected to stay in their own lane---there are big, dark, state secrets about their operation and goals---but Tormgar's farther didn't. He was insatiably curious. If there was something to know, he would find a way to know it. He enjoyed the game. Tormgar didn't know the specifics, but he thinks he learned construction secrets he wasn't supposed to. Nobody told Tormgar anything. Only that he died.

Tormgar remained in Gathela, taken care of by a family assigned steward, but money began to run out. Tormgar had to sell the original mansion and move to a smaller location outside the secluded inner city of nobles. He was listless and angry and didn't know what to do. Prayer helped, but not enough.

Ten years ago, on a whim, when the Fortress Alac was ready to depart, the one Tormgar's father helped build and design, he used his network to get a berth.

Tormgar spent seven hellish years on the Alac, trying to reconcile a good heart with the amoral destruction the journey left behind. It was on the Fortress where Tormgar learned his father's death was ordered by the state and carried out by a team of magic-using assassins. That, combined with the daily magical abominations of people and events turned Tormgar into a zealot. He believes that there should not be a safe space for evil magic users. They must die.

On the trip, Tormgar had a conversion. Has was always a Cleric, but he felt a new voice calling out to him, something that shared Tormgar's views on the proper scope of magic. It was a soft calling, one only a true synchronized spirit could detect. He prayed and repented and prayed, and then the world was opened to him. There is a path outside the careless use of magic to achieve mundane ends, and a Force that debates whether anyone should be given the power of magic at all.

The Alac docked at Gathela and returned back to the Cauldron three years ago. During the docking, Tormgar's stepped back into the city with his personal animus and religious fervor aligned. Destroy evil magic and evil magic users.

In years following his return, Tormgar found and converted like-minded people who share his beliefs. They call their group (cult) the Umbrella. They meet in undisclosed locations because their practices are forbidden by the Administration. Tormgar met Manos through the organization, and they frequently pair up to patrol the city.

Special item: A small, geometrical, pendent given to Tormgar by his father a few weeks before his death. It's powers:

  • Detect magic: as per the spell, always on
  • Detect good/evil: as per the spell, 3x/day







Special Abilities

Special background abilities. Characters that have been crossed off are no longer part of the narrative.

Cauldron Born

Those that share a common heritage in the sunken lands at the edge of the world.

Relevant to: Orryn, Handy, Balcazar, Wacha

  • Level 6: Telepathy of Kinship: Communicate telepathically with any other tribal members within long range (200 ft.). Tribal members need not be members of the party.
  • Level 10: TBD

Fey Touched

Those who grew up or have spent much of their life in the brightness of the Fey Wild.

Relevant to: Andrazel

  • Level 6: Friend of the Beasts and Trees --- You can communicate simple ideas with Beast type creatures, Plant type creatures, and actual plants. Unlike the Speak with Animals or Speak with Plants spells, you cannot command the obedience of any creature or plant you talk to, but you may be able to persuade them to do small favors for you at the DM's discretion.
  • Level 10: TBD

Followers of The Umbrella

Relevant to: Manos, Thormagar,

  • Level 6: Astral Vision --- Through medication, you can see into the co-located intersection of the astral plane with your current location. You feel at peace and in touch with your power. Part of your psyche is projected into the astral plane. You can see the Astral cords of others around you, but not your own.
  • Level 10: TBD

Followers of 121

Relevant to: Bedroth, List

Scholars of Magic

Relevant to: Edwyn, Selene

  • Level 6: TBD
  • Level 10: TBD

The Workers and Slaves

Those who have suffered at the hands of the Elves and Dwarves.

Relevant to: Plakk, Arcos