Deorcost Tabletop RPG Campaign

Private repository of game information related to my campaign Deorcost. The story is written by all who participate.

Scroll down for Episode notes. I'm slowly putting them into narrative form, but the process is incomplete1. For other Deorcost game resources, see pages for Player-characters, Non-player Characters, Treasure, Monsters, and Campaign Maps.

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  1. Episodes 1 through 13, and Episodes 21 through 37 are in narrative form. I am slowly converting the others. 

The party was saved by Bjar. Now they have to time to properly learn who he is. The Admins leave, the pressure drops, and is able to renew their efforts to get inside city walls.

A Conversation with Bjar

Day 49

The party sleeps deeply and dreamlessly. They wake up a bit sore in the late mornin...

The party makes and finds trouble their first night in town.

The journey from the farms to the city walls is difficult. The party must travel through a labyrinth landscape of white-poison streams and cutting rocks. One member decides the journey is too much and stays behind. The remainder wonder if they will ever see him again.