Update Archive

Archive of past site updates. Archive started on 11/26/2019. Updates prior to this date were not recorded.


Date Update
05/05/2021** Added new DC Science Events. I'm made small changes to how Science events are presented to improve readability.
03/05/2021 Added finding time differences to PostgreSQL Cookbook
02/13/2021 Added many new DC Science Events
01/28/2021 Added new DC Science Events
01/19/2021 Upgraded site from Grav 1.6 to 1.7. Added new DC Science Events.
01/03/2021 Added new DC Science Events and updated the DC

Science Organizations page with a new organization (the DC Public Library) |


Date Update
12/28/2020 Added a last-minute find, a DC Science Event (titled "Be a Chemist During Winter Break"), starting today (Monday) and hosted by the DC Public Library.
12/20/2020** Minor CSS cosmetic tweaks. New site footer. Site now uses FontAwesome 5 instead of 4 (theme Twig edits).
12/19/2020 Changed table formatting on the DC Science Events page to improve the mobile browser experience. Added new DC Science Events.
12/16/2020 I've changed my home D&D page from my campaign to a more general local resources page. The slugs have changed—everything under /deorcost/ is now found under /dnd/deorcost/—but I've added redirects to ensure the moved pages are still assessable using the old URLs.
12/13/2020 Added new DC Science Events.
12/02/2020 Table improvements to the DC Science Organizations page.
11/23/2020 Added new DC Science events. The DC Science page has been split two, an Upcoming Events page and a Calendars and Organizations page.
11/19/2020 Continued site cosmetic improvements. All pages should now hopefully share a common aesthetic.
11/14/2020 Site cosmetic improvements (CSS edits and other changes).
11/10/2020 Added new DC Science events. Added a table of contents to improve page navigation to several data science notes pages: R data manipulation cookbook, R ggplot cookbook, and R datetime cookbook.
10/31/2020 Added new DC Science events. Event times are now included. Discovered a new source of events, the Smithsonian's Lemelson Center, which has an upcoming, week-long web seminar on black inventors and innovators.
10/24/2020 Added new DC Science events. Updated COVID-19 Resource for Arlington, VA and beyond blog post with additional resources. Added site-wide MathJax support.
10/18/2020 Added new DC Science events.
08/27/2020 Added a new DC Science event, the last in a series of online conversations with African Americans in STEM, hosted by the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC). The event is for middle-school and high-school students aspiring for a STEM career.
08/08/2020 Moved Corona Virus resources from the DC Science page to a new blog post. I've begun adding online-only STEM events run by Greater DC institutions to the DC Science page.
08/06/2020 Added a new postgreSQL cookbook with a few recipes.
08/03/2020 Back to updating the website. I've added new R cookbooks for ggplot and datetime recipes, and I've updated the R data manipulation cookbook.
03/11/2020 I have stopped adding new events to the DC Science page because of the Corona Virus. Instead, the page will be used as a temporary collection point for local (centered around Arlington, VA) Corona Virus resources.
03/06/2020 Added new events to the DC Science 'Upcoming Events' page. I've also added a corona virus warning to the top of the page. Event cancellations may become become common so please check the status of an event before attending. Safety first. Wash your hands! Don't touch your face!
02/20/2020 Added new events to the DC Science 'Upcoming Events' page from the Washington Statistical Society and the Philosophical Society of Washington.
02/12/2020 Added a new event to the DC Science 'Upcoming Event' page, a full-day seminar at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine called "The Endless Frontier: The Next 75 Years in Science". The seminar celebrates the 75th anniversery of the Vannevar Bush report. Alan Alda is an invited speaker.
02/08/2020 Added several new events to the DC Science 'Upcoming Events page. The added events include a Nerd Nite DC event for tonight (2/8) that I overlooked.
02/02/2020 Added new events to the DC Science 'Upcoming Events' page. Of interest to me: Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar on 2/26 (talk with local scientists in a relaxed bar settings), and further out, the 27th Environmental Film Festival from 3/12 to 3/22 (the largest green film festival in the world).
01/26/2020 Added new events to the DC Science 'Upcoming Events' page — Carnegie Science dropped its Capital Science Evening lectures for the upcoming season. Added D&D Campaign episode 37.
01/15/2020 Added new events to the DC Science 'Upcoming Events' page (NSF and PSW lectures). Put D&D campaign Episode 13 into narrative form.
01/10/2020 Added a new event to the DC Science 'Upcoming Events' page, a MAA lecture on data science.
01/02/2020 Added two new DC Science upcoming events
01/01/2020 Put Deorcost Episode 12 into narrative form


Date Update
12/30/2019 Fixed broken Markdown to HTML rendering of Vim commands in my Vim notes.
12/27/2019 Added new DC Science Upcoming Events. Put Deorcost Episode 11 into narrative form.
12/24/2019 Put Deorcost Episode 10 into narrative form.
12/18/2019 Added new DC Science Upcoming Events.
12/13/2019 Put Deorcost Episode 9 into narrative form. Added new DC Science Upcoming events. The night of December 13th is the peak of the Gemeni meteor shower, but it looks like the full moom and cloud cover will doom any viewing.
12/09/2019 Updated DC Science Upcoming Events. Most organizations don't have much going on this time of the year. The number of events per week should pick up in January and February.
12/01/2019 Replaced static 'DC Cooking' page with a new Blog
11/30/2019 Added new DC Science Upcoming Events. Put Deorcost Episode 8 into narrative form.
11/24/2019 Put Deorcost Episodes 6 and 7 into narrative form. Added sidebar listing of all old Episodes.
11/21/2019 Updates to Vim notes. Fixed Deorcost search functionality.
11/21/2019 Put old Deorcost Episodes 4 and 5 into narrative form
11/20/2019 Added new DC Science Events